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THE ROG 5 PHONE the gaming phone of the new ERA




In this blog we are gonna talk about the PHONE ROG 5 S you will get a good amount of information after reading this blog and you will get to know everything about the PHONE  you will get detailed information from the processor to the display now you can read the blog peacefully and carefully enjoy the blog.

A Gaming PHONE is a need for every gamer but they don’t know to buy which one many of them think that they should buy ONE PLUS it’s also good but this gaming PHONE is the best and the beast because it is made by a super famous and one of the best gaming company ASUS ROG they create any item just for gaming and this one of the fastest PHONE in the world. I’m talking about The ASUS ROG PHONE 5 also called ROG 5 in short. The reason why it is one of the fastest PHONE in the world because of its specs we will talk about them a little later firstly let’s come to the price it 49,000 RUPEES (almost 700$) minimum online and according to me it is a little expensive for me but it is worth of its price. The ASUS ROG Company always tries to make best product. Most of the people when they have to buy some stuff related to gaming they always try to buy something from ASUS if possible because they are known and famous for their gaming items such as PSU, Motherboard and many more things .Now let’s come to the specs of ASUS ROG PHONE 5 S or ROG 5 S. But they are expensive and there products are not that much worth.


Would be the best processor for gaming because the PHONE is made by ASUS ROG the processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Processor. This is a beast gaming processor for Mobile PHONEs.


Now if you might think that it would also have a GPU then you are wrong you can run any mobile game without GPU and you can also say that mobile PHONEs cannot contain GRAPHICS CARD OR YOU CAN SAY GPU. (They contain GPU but not that kind)


It has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage capacity but if you buy the expensive models then you will get 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage capacity and that is great so far. But still expensive!!!!!!!


The system OR OS that it uses is the ANDROID 11 system which is a pretty good system it also has some new features you might checkout them after buying it.

It has a battery capacity of 6000 MAH. This is very great so far. You can use the PHONE almost for a day without charging it after it is 100 Percent.

Now overall this PHONE is very good for gaming you will easily get 60 to 70 FPS while playing any game on ultra or high graphics or you can say 1080P to 4K graphics and this is not bad at all as this is one of the fastest PHONE in the world and the display of the PHONE is good too.


So that’s it for today’s blog. Hope you enjoyed. But there’s only one problem that this PHONE is not available in India yet. We upload these types of blog daily so consider checking the website regularly.


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