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In this blog I am gonna tell you about the games like GTA V that you can play in android and they are absolutely good. If you are a fan of GTA V and you want to play that game but you don’t have a PC/Laptop don’t worry you came to the right place. The games are free to play and they are available on play store so you will not have any trouble in downloading them and we will tell you are they good or not. Now read the blog carefully and peacefully. Enjoy.

5-GO TO TOWN 6 (90 MB)

The name seems similar to GTA V if you say GO TO TOWN 6 in short then it will be GTT VI and that’s pretty similar name.  So in this game you have to become a successful citizen from a farmer.  You can give an exam of driving license and when you are new to the game you need to rent house as you are new to the town. You can complete different missions to get reward. You can also do jobs in this game you can become a truck driver, you can also become a policemen and there is also pilot. There are some problems with this game- there are too many adds so better play after turning of your data, Completing the test for driving license is very difficult. Overall this game is ok to play.



Gangster Vegas is a game in which you have to become the leader of the gangster gang of Las Vegas. You can work with mafias and gangsters and complete their mission to get rewards. Extra missions are added in this game with each update so player can play this game for a long time. It is an open world game with many challenges there are many challenges and there are racing challenges too can you be the first one. There are various weapons and cloths in this game and much type of people. Robbers and theft will chase you in auto racing challenges to drive beyond city legal limits. You will get many vehicles to complete different missions including boats, trucks and bikes. It is a gangster city with many tragedies like alien wars, wave of tanks and zombie clan wars, will you survive them?



This game includes a giant map hundreds of vehicles and an outrageous arsenal. There are Biker gangs, crooked cops and many more things. There are various missions in the game can you complete them? There are story missions too in this game which are pretty difficult. Basically in this game you have to protect your gang and raid others. There is gang vs gang too in this open world game. You have to defend your turf from the rivals. You can also evolve your guns in this game by fusing them. You can also build your own luxurious mansion and you can buy a private island and expand it into a huge housing complex. You should make helipads and runways for a quick escape. 


2-PAYBACK 2 (102 MB)

This battle sandbox game features gun battles, gang violence and many more things. You earn points when completing a mission successfully. The visuals of this game are lacking in details. You can earn extra points by completing online weekly quests of this game. You can use points to customize your character and to buy weapons. There are different types of cars and peoples. This is very similar to GTA V you can play this game in android and IOS.

1-MAD OUT 2 (413 MB)

In this game player can players can complete side activities along with the main missions. This game contains a huge map. The game is popularly known for its collection of cars. There are 40+ different types of cars in this game and the best thing that it has realistic car physics. Again there are too many ads in this game. This game has an exciting map with different types of citizens. You can play online too in this game and the graphic of the game is pretty good though. This game has easy controls for new players. The size of the game is the biggest in our list.


That’s it for today’s blog hope this helped finding your game. We upload this type of blogs frequently so consider checking the website.

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