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The New Asus ROG X13 Flow. Everything you need to know!



First of all what is a gaming laptop so these are not a 

regular laptop they are used for gaming and they are 

very fast because of the RAM and SSD. There are 

all-rounder players in cricket right so they can do 

anything bowling, batting, wicket-keeping and fielding. 

Like those gaming laptops can do every work a laptop 

should do and they will do it very fast. So this laptop 

has everything. It is the ASUS ROG X13 FLOW. 


The processor also known as CPU they use in this 

laptop in this laptop is AMD Ryzen 9 5900 HS Which 

is very good and if you are having a doubt that is AMD 

a good company or not because commonly people know 

about intel only because it is the most famous company 

Because of their processor so they might think that 

AMD is a local or a bad processor company. But if you

 think like this you are absolutely wrong AMD is one

 of the biggest CPU or processor company.


Now let’s come to the Graphics Card which is also

 known as GPU So if you don’t know what Graphics 

Card or GPU is so they run the Modern and realistic

 games like GTA V, Far Cry 6, Cyberpunk. So if you 

want to play these games or games like these games 

then you must have a GPU or A Graphics Card So the 

Graphics Card used in this laptop is NVIDIA GEFORCE 

GTX 1650 4GB.


So the Windows in this pc is Windows 10 HOME it 

doesn’t matter you can also upgrade it to Windows 

11 But according to me Windows 10 Home is the best 

Windows. You might be thinking why not Windows 11. 

Let me answer you. The windows 10 has been improving

over long time but Windows 11 just came out I mean 

In october 2021. So that's why.


Now the SSD’s capacity is 1TB which is great so far. 

if you don’t know what a SSD is it’s a storage device 

in short words it’s much as like the HDD but the 

difference between them is SSD don’t have as storage 

capacity as much HDD have but SSD is much faster 

than HHD SSD is expensive, less capacity, fast speed 

HHD is of cheap price, more storage but very slow 



Now let’s come to the display the display is the quality 

of the screen of the laptop so its length is 13.4 Inches 

and it has A 60 HZ Display. It has 


32 GB RAM. The best thing about this laptop is that it 

can run pc games as well as mobile games very 

smoothly. It comes with a stylus cause it is foldable and 

you can you can use it without the mouse or mouse pad 

the best reason for foldable screen is that you can 

watch anything very easily and comfortably if 

you have a habit of watching videos in your phone and 

holding it with your hand. This laptop can work for 10 

Hours if it’s on 100% and you don’t charge it. Now the 

thing is that it’s not a budget friendly only buy that if your

budget is of around 1823 dollars.


OVERALL this is a very good gaming laptop it’s 

expensive but its worth of its price and you will get 60+

 fps in any game at 1080P graphics it would be very 

comfortable if you are a lazy person that’s it you can 

buy this.

Buying LINK 

The link is an affilate link so If you buy with it I get a small commission. Buying with my link would be really appricated and it helps me a ton.


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