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How to record Minecraft Speedrun, Skywars, Bedwars or Survival Minecraft ?

 Recording Minecraft Speedrun, Skywars, Bedwars or Survival Minecraft

The Best Software for Recording 

So, first of all you need a software for recording. I am going to tell you a software which free and every gamer use it. You probably might have guessed it. It's OBS Studio (Open Broadcast Software). The steps of downloading is simple go to their website through this link.

 Then click on your OS type. If you are on windows click the download button for windows and this goes same for every OS. And the download file will start downloading then click on it to install. It will install and then it will ask you for resolution choose the resolution you are comfortable with and then we are going to record so click on optimize for recording.

Then click on Apply settings

So now you have OBS installed and everything is done, it is time to record. Follow the steps below

Step 1 - Open OBS then click on plus of sources and click on window capture. You can see that in the GIF below-

[video-to-gif output image]

Step 2 - Launch your Minecraft 1.8.9 and search it in the sources and select it as a source.

[video-to-gif output image] 

Now simply click start recording and it will start. Thanks for Reading :)

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