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How to get a Free Premium Minecraft Account?

Generating a Minecraft Premium Account



Minecraft is a popular game. The purpose of the game is simply to build and explore (and survive). How many players can play it? You can play by yourself or you can play online with others. Especially online multiplayer is fun. Like bedwars. If never heard the name of a popular minigame called bedwars. In this minigame of Minecraft java edition, you have to break or destroy other's beds. It's fun not too time-consuming. So let's get started.

Getting a Minecraft Premium Account

Click on this link. You will be redirected to another page. Just click on generate and then click on "Click here to get your account" You will be redirected.

Now just go through the captcha. Validate that you are not a robot. and then click on "get link" as shown below.

Now the copy the whole The line is in the form of email:password. Paste it into the box for email. Now cut the password after the semi-colon. and paste it into the box for password. Remove the semi-colon from the email. Now click on Log In and Enjoy!!

Here is a bonus Hypixel Video. My Account worked on hypixel. You can try too. See the proof below-


So I tried a few times sometimes it doesn't work from PC, I tried too many times sometimes it works on pc. So try to use Smartphones for this procedure it works every time I tried from my smartphone. If it doesn't work please comment in the comment section below.

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