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How to download Official Minecraft Launcher in Debain(Kali Linux)?

 How to download Official Minecraft Launcher in Debian(Kali Linux)? 

Minecraft Official Launcher 

Minecraft Official Launcher allows us to play Minecraft. If you have purchased Minecraft Java Edition then you can play Minecraft Java or else you have to play a demo world. Note that you can't play Minecraft Dungeons in Linux.

Minecraft Official Launcher Installation 

Kali is a Debian-based Linux. Whenever you install anything you have to search the software for Debian. You can also download Minecraft Launcher's tar.gz file but then It will not be installed as software of your system.

Now step 1- Go to You will get a Window like below.

Step 2- Now click on Debian (Or your preferred Linux version, in this tutorial we are on Debian so I will select that). And It will start downloading.

Step 3- Now Doube click on the file and click on install. Minecraft Launcher will start installing as you can see below. I have already installed so it is showing remove in your Linux it will ask to install.

Enjoy your Minecraft Launcher is installed!! Simply launch it.

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