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How to change the Thumbnail Image of a Blogger Post?

 Changing the Thumbnail Image of a Blogger Post


According to research 80 out of 100 will read your title, and only 20 out of 100 will read the rest. This will ensure that writing catchy titles and adding appealing thumbnails to your blogs will play a major role in bringing organic traffic to your site.
They are the first things that readers see. Thumbnail is not only an image it's an emotion.

In Blogger, the first image in your post is been set as a thumbnail by default. But what if, I want to set an image as a thumbnail at the same time I don't want to show that image in post. You can achieve this in a blogger by implementing a small trick.

Here is a trick by which you can set any image as a thumbnail but it will not visible in your post.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 : Sign in your Blogger account and click on new posts or edit an already existing post.

Step 2 : Import any image that you want to set as a thumbnail from local storage or google.

Uploading an Image
First you need to upload an image

Step 3 : Right-click on the uploaded image and get an image link from an uploaded image.

Step 4 : Once you copy the link from an uploaded image, then delete the image since you don't want to display thumbnail in your post. ( For deleting select the image and press delete key.)

Step 5 : Now click on the HTML view of your post and attach below the line at the top of HTML doc.

<img src = "Your-Image-Link" style= "display:none;"/>

Don't forget to change "Your-Image-Link" to the actual copied image link.

Now these steps are for those who already have an image in the post. All the steps are same except the last step.

Step 5: Now click on the HTML view of your post and attach  line at the top of HTML doc.

 Hope this helped. MORE BLOGS HERE.

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