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Complete Android Development Roadmap

Complete Android Development Roadmap

If you want to become an android developer for 2021 and beyond, this guide will help you! 

Why Android? - Well, Android takes up almost exactly two thirds (64%) of all Mobile OS platforms! It's readily available, easy to use/learn/etc.

With faster IDEs/Phones/Computers and high demand, this is the best time to learn android development & design.

Common Questions and difficulties I faced

  • Which platform to use Java? Kotlin? Flutter? React Native? Xamarin?

  • How do I make money in college?

  • How much money will it take?

  • How much time will it take?

  • How will this not impact my placement study?

  • What should be the strategy and resources

  • How to create a game line PUBG/GTA?

Some advantages of learning Android Development

  1. Great Salaries

  2. Outside Job Opportunities (Freelancing, App Owner etc.)

  3. Can make you a lot of side money in college


  1. A basic Laptop with 4GB ram and 64 bit OS will do. More here

  2. SSD will give you a performance boost!

  3. Extra RAM will give you a boost

  4. Using your phone instead of AVD will give you a boost if your computer is low on resources

Types of Applications - Native and Hybrid Apps 

  1. Native apps - Design for a particular Android OS

  2. Hybrid apps - Design for multiple Android OS

Hybrid apps advantages:

  • Can build for multiple platforms

  • Easy to learn

  • Many companies use specific tools. See Showcase for more

Hybrid apps flaws:

  • Absence of free advanced tools.

  • Flaws due to hardware

  • Costly license(like in Xamarin)/paid plugins and tools 

  • Low performance at times

  • Read more here

XML vs Java Code

  • XML consists of the views and viewgroups.

  • Java/Kotlin contains the logic

Job Roles

  1. Android Developer

  2. Android Engineer

  3. Android Testing

Free Learning Resources

Note: - Resource 0, 1 and 3 are of CodeWithHarry youtube channel and they are in hindi.

How to make money?

  • Freelancing - App dev, Bug fixing, design, etc

  • Play Store + Admob

  • Internship/Jobs

Other Resources you need to learn

  1. Git + CI/CD

  2. Database design fundamentals

  3. Admob API

  4. Unity for Complex Games!

  5. Data Structure & Algorithms

Stay up to date with the technology as it keeps evolving!

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