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Best Android Projects to Start this Weekend

 Best Android Projects to Start this Weekend


Android Development is the motivation for too many programmers. So today I have come with 5 easy to Build Android Projects that you can create quickly with less knowledge of Android Development and you can post it in your resume with highest impact. You can brush up your android skills by the projects.

1.) First project is Expense Tracker. Suppose we are two to three friends and we are going to a party. During the travel we drank some tea, ate some biscuits . Suppose we spent more money. Suppose your first friend is paying after some time the second friend is paying. So these three friends are paying. And your program have to find at the end of the trip how much each friend will pay. So that every friend has payed equal amount of money.  

2.) Second Project is Tic-Tac-Toe. Almost everybody has played Tic-Tac-Toe. I have played ,you would also have played. In this game there are two players. Those two place zero and x. When a person have placed x or zero in a straight line he/she wins. You can search more about Tic-Tac-Toe on the internet.

3.) Third Project is Unit Converter. You can make an app which converts one unit to different unit. From Kgs to Grams, Kgs to Pounds, Meter to Centimeter, Rupees to Dollars.  You can update it and give some voice commands in it when you become android pro.

4.) Fourth Project is Notes Taking app. Suppose someone is going to the market his mother told him/her to buy 1kg tomatoes and while going his father told him/her to buy 1kg Onions. He or She is not able to remember this much at that time so he / she took his/her phone and  opened the app and took the notes. You can add voice commands in future and you can publish it to the Play Store.

5.) The Fifth Project is Fitness Tracking App. You can start with basic Calorie counting. This is an app which you can take too far.  These types of app cost just to count calorie.

I think this helpful. Please share this if it is helpful. 

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