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5 Quick Web Development Projects To Finish This Weekend!

 5 Quick Web Development Projects to finish this Weekend


In this blog I am going to tell you 5 quick web development projects to finish this weekend. You can add these to your GitHub Profile. By adding these projects your profile don't look empty. And if you are applying for a job or a college these projects might benefit you. So lets get started.

1.) The first project is Text Analyzer. You can make text analyzer by using parent simple JavaScript. The user will come on your website and he/she will paste some text and your website should tell how many words, character and punctuations are there?. So that the user come and get some information about his / her text. You can improve it by using some ML and DL modules to tell whether the tone of the text is harsh or   not, Whether the grammar is correct or not. But these things are advanced for now you can make it simple.

2.)The Second Project is Simple JavaScript Clock. You just have to make a simple clock. You can use Bootstrap or Tale wind CSS for design. These are framework of CSS. You can their front-end framework to design your clock. Many of you people who are reading this write now will think "What does this simple JavaScript impact on our profile ?" . But this proves that you can do something with JavaScript which is useful. You can also evolve it and give it some functions like that we can set a alarm , remainder. And different remainders can contain different ringtones. So you can add these features to improve your simple clock.

This goes for the first project too that if you don't  want to make front-end then you can use Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS.

3.) The Third Project is Notes Taking Web App. Which means that you have to make an app which helps you to take notes. Suppose that you work on computer too much (So do I 😅) something came in your mind or you got some work and you think can forget it, so you can open you notes app and take notes. You can use local storage for storing the data. And even if you host the project the user will not be worried because you store the data in the user's computer only.

4.) The Fourth Project is a Landing Page with a From. Which means you can make any landing page with a form. In this project your HTML , CSS & JavaScript skills are going to improve. I will recommend not to use any front-end framework because, then it is not going  improve your skill. It will also test your knowledge. You can show the information which the user entered in any other page to the user or store it temporarily. Landing pages are too much used in business industries. For example - "Book our free consultation" .

5.) The Fifth Project is a Whether / News App. You can use whether or news API for making this project. There are too many websites which provide you the API. These two projects are awesome projects I personally recommend you to try it out.

Hope you enjoyed reading. More Blogs like this Here.

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